No co-pay, no deductible, one flat affordable monthly fee.

My Doc has been serving the Apopka area for over two years providing quality and affordable healthcare to the local community.

My Doc works like a gym membership and its members pay a monthly membership fee and enjoy multiple benefits including:

·      Unlimited medical visits

·      Convenient appointment times

·      Dedicated one hour for new patient appointments

·      Follow up appointments for 30 minutes

·      Virtual appointments

·      Annual visits

·      Acute care visits

·      Chronic disease management

·      Preventive care counseling

·      Mental health screening for anxiety and depression

·      Affordable prices on labs and radiology tests

·      A medical team that cares about you


Affordable healthcare

Here at My Doc, our pricing system is very straightforward. No hidden costs or impossibly complicated invoices. If you have questions, simply ask. We are happy to walk you through anything. 

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions, or sign up to become a member below. We are glad you are here.

Timely Appointments 

We care about spending time with our patients so we do not overbook or doublebook ourselves.  We understand that when you are sick you need to get in to see us ASAP.  We want to ensure that our members are seen and treated quickly when they need it. 

Virtual Appointments

Sometimes you need to see a medical professional but it's too much hassle.  You need to deal with your boss, call out of work, drive to the clinic and back.  With all the technology we have, that's crazy.  You can now see one of our medical providers using your phone or computer.  Our Virtual Appointment is HIPPA compliant and ensures your privacy is protected just as much as an in office visit.  It's a easy as calling us to make the appointment.  Now you don't need to miss work or spend your day off attending your regularly scheduled visits.